About Arifim

Agriculture Research Institute For Important Micro-organism

The stakeholders of ARIFIM International Pvt Ltd a pioneer in the biofertilizer, PGPR and biopesticide technology and inputs in India, having prime objective is to promote use of biopesticides, PGPR and biofertilizers technology globally and to initiate work in Asia, Africa and CIS countries.

Our experts are well-known in the area of Agriculture Biotechnology and working with various government internationally for development of biopesticides standards. We are expert in isolation, identification, characterization & commercialisation of agriculturally important micro-organisms. Also providing laboratory set up as per the international regulatory standards for governments and corporate industries. We are working for development of Turnkey projects globally for biopesticides, biofertilizers and PGPR products development. And ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations throughout the process of biopesticides, biofertilizers and PGPR registration. We have expertise in dossier preparation for regulatory as well as semi-regulated markets for biopesticides, biofertilizers and PGPR with CIB&RC. We are one of the leading biopesticides, biofertilizers and PGPR products registration consultant in India.

Following a top-notch corporate culture, we believe in delivering accurate, relevant and timely information to the decision makers using industry expertise in the field of biopesticides, biofertilizers and PGPR registration. We are highly experienced, highly ethical and professional in comparison to other pesticide registration consultant in biotechnology-based inputs.

We are working in following core areas

1. Development and purification of micro-organisms for registration of strains with CIB&RC.

2. Molecular characterisation and finger printing studies Consultation with NBAIM, MAU. As per guidelines of CIB&RC for microbial strains registration.

3. Our expert has 6 years’ experience as a Director at NBAIM, MAU and handled all laboratory processes and operations in the beneficial microbial repository and studies related to CIB&RC guidelines.

4. Consultation for Bio efficacy studies. Development of protocol, negotiate with university and conducting monitoring of trials.

5. We have expertise in toxicological and shelf-life studies required for biopesticides registration as per CIB&RC guidelines.

6. We have work experience of nine biopesticides registration in India. And successfully submitted 9 liquid biopesticides dossiers to regulatory authorities and registration with CIB&RC under 9(3).