Dr. Dnyaneshwar Waghchoure

Manging Director (PG in Entomology and Ph.D. in Nematology)

He is an international agro-medical expert and chairman of Ashwamedh Group of Industries. He is a well-known Biologist in the field of biotechnology, herbal medicine, agriculture crop protection, organic input production, and processing of Herbal products. He has developed novel plant products alternative to allopathy to cure diseases without undergoing surgery. Microbial products on burning issues of agriculture crop protection. His trust is working as a technical agency for KVIC Government of India. He has signed MOU with the Department of Organic Agriculture, Republic of Kyrgyz for the development of inputs and policy for their country

He has completed his PG in Entomology and Ph.D. in Nematology. Dr. Waghchoure has developed specialty biotech products in organic management of pest & diseases in the domestic market. Apart from this, he has designed 85 human health care Ayurveda products, 5 Poultry medicine for organic farming & several foods products including spices & herbal tea. The Basic scope of A specialty of Dr. Waghchoure is Bio-pesticides and Bio-fertilizer manufacturing, medicinal plant cultivation, processing and value addition. Sugarcane single eye bud nursery technology, formulation of herbal medicine, crop cultivation and protection, livestock farm development, the herbal formulation for poultry bird production, food processing, plant growth promoter & micronutrients are some areas of his specialization. Moreover, expertise in development of horticulture garden, farmhouse project, agro-medical tourism, agriculture automation project is also the fields of his expertise. He is the founder of Ashwamedh Group of Industries, Ashwamedh herbal Research & Development Trust and Agricultural Microorganisms Manufacturers and Famers Association of India and promoting organic farming and input development in India. For the Knowledge of basic agricultural practices & crop productions he has started monthly Magazine Ashwamedh Krushidoot edited by him